Midlands History Festival  September  2nd & 3rd         2017
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Ania M

Arbalist Armoury

Back In The Day

Bernie The Bolt

Bounty of Midguard

Candles for All Ages

Civil War Sutler

Crystals & Dreams

Daphne Hildson

Derbyshire Arms

Grunal Moneta

Herts Fabric

Historical Haberdashers

Honest Jim's Wander in Shop

Kalid Medival


Roman Onwards

Shoot & Scapa

Spearman Supplies

Stitch and Cobble

Roving Apothecary

Time Warrior

Viking Crafts

Trolls Bottom Real Ale Bar

Prof-t's Intoxicating Tonics

Swedish Kitchen

Siimons Sausage

Hog  Roast Northampton

Farm Shop (onsite)

Traders Caterers